You and I

Oil, acrylic, pigment and pastel on canvas
195.6 x 279.4 cm / 77 x 110 in

USD 350,000

‘I feel everybody should get a chance to be an artist and have an opportunity to show their work. But then there comes a time when you can’t depend on others’ opinions and you’re alone with only yours. You need time with your doubts and self-reflections to truly grow.’ —Rita Ackermann

Mama You and I

Oil and acrylic on linen
147.3 x 132.1 cm / 58 x 52 in

USD 200,000

Rita Ackermann

The opposing impulses of creation and destruction mark the touchstone of the Hungarian-born, New York-based artist Rita Ackermann’s practice, which continues to evolve and manifest itself in the shift from representation to abstraction.

In her series of works containing ‘Mama’ in their titles, Ackermann traces movement of the body and expands her expressive use of color and pencil marks. Figures and motifs rise to the surface of canvases, only to dissolve and reappear elsewhere again.